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    January 2019
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Revenge of the Thuds… Body Mutilation

Well the “Thuds” that I have previously blogged about really got back at me this morning. I grabbed our fruit picker to pick some of the avocados However, I still couldn’t reach the avocados, so I grabbed a brick to stand on… …And I was just barely able to reach the fruit and I was […]

Wordless Wednesdays – Future Thuds

What is a Thud

The Thuds are Back With a Vengeance… Going Bananas

Last year I blogged about those effing thuds that were driving me crazy. Well it looks like they are back with a vengeance.  I don’t know when this started happening, but all these little baby avocados are now dropping from the tree. Here’s a picture of some of them.  I added the water bottle into […]

Effing Thuds

Ok… I blogged about these damn thuds here. They are really starting to piss me off as they keep abusing my residence now that they are getting ripe!

An Answer to Those Loud Thuds at Night

I recently moved back home to the Big Island after about 10 years on Oahu. For the last few nights I’ve been hearing loud “THUDS” in the middle of the night while I’ve been sleeping. So loud they wake me out of sleep. I was wondering if the wind was knocking something against the wall, […]