Missing – Duane Mathew Truax

A California father is looking for his son who was last known to be homeless in the Pahoa area of the Big Island.

Duane Mathew Truax

Duane Mathew Truax

Duane Mathew Truax, 35, last made contact with his family in California on October 6th 2014.

If you have any information, please contact his father Wayne at (559) 905-9805 or the Clovis California Police Department, Officer Sobel (559) 324-2400 (Ref: 2015-6946)

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  1. I’ve too have seen this man he hangs out in Pahoa I remember him every well..I too will tell him to contact his father

  2. I’ve seen this man a few times alive & well. Last time i saw him was at Pahoa 711. I can tell him to contact his father if I see him again. I’ve also seen him in a little blue car maybe an ecko driving.

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