Handicapable Tandem Skydiver Jumps From Plane and Lands in Wheelchair

As most readers of my site know… I’m a bit crazy and love to go skydiving every now and then.

Today out at Dillingham Airfield, Skydive Hawaii did a tandem jump with a former Big Island resident named Damon Boiser who is “handicapable“.

Damon Boiser about to take a jump of a lifetime!

There are no laws or rules that prevent someone in Boiser’s condition from skydiving and the folks at Skydive Hawaii were well prepared to take him up.

Getting some assistance into the plane

Boiser wrote on his Facebook account:

Insanity!!! Richard saw my chair in the field from way up in the sky and said, “Lets land you right in your chair.” And did!! Perfectly!! You guys are absolute pro’s and nothing but first class all the way! Mahalo loa! Aloha :)


Boiser let me know that he broke his neck when he lived in Kona on the Big Island diving at Magic Sands beach.  He is still active in Akido and Shotokan Karate where he is working to become a Sensei to instruct other disabled folks.

Richard (the person he jumped with) was incredible and so was photographer Knox. I sat right next to the door and was the very first to jump. (It was for my friends birthday, Keoki Copeland.) Any ways we rolled out backwards did a double back flip into free fall. The air was so wonderful and crisp. Surprisingly i didn’t have the slightest sensation of fear. It felt like boyhood dreams of being Superman, (I wrote a letter to Christopher Reeves back when I broke my neck in 2003). Then Knox the photographer flew over to us and we horsed around in air. I actually played Karate and sparred with him. We play fully blew a kiss as we separated to deploy our shoot. The flight down was gorgeous. As it turned out Richards god mother or childs godmother was my Hawaiian teacher up at Kamehameha. Small world. Then he landed me in my chair. Absolutely amazing. He did it all bare feet too.

A perfect landing!

I’m definitely going back. I used to be a surfer, then I played music semi professionally. Now that I no longer can, maybe I’ll be a skydiver.

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  2. Aloha Damon!! We had fun!! Let’s do it again!! Skydive Hawaii is the best!! Truly professional and well organized!! The instructors were funny and playful!!

  3. Wow–So cool to see and hear about such an awesome experience! I look forward to hanging out with you again sometime!

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