Kauai Police Investigating Nigerian E-Mail Scam Using Fake Hawaii County Police Information

Media Release:

Big Island police are warning the public about an e-mail scam in which the sender poses as a police officer.

Just an example of a Nigerian Scam letter

A Kauai woman received several e-mails as part of a Nigerian scam attempting to obtain large sums of money from her. The e-mails contained a photo of a Hawaii County police officer, a Police Department logo and other information that had been cut-and-pasted from the Hawaii Police Department’s website in an apparent attempt to mimic official letterhead and impersonate a police officer.

“The Hawaii Police Department does not contact the public in this manner,” said Deputy Chief Paul Ferreira. “If you receive an e-mail like this, please do not respond to it. Instead, report the incident to police immediately.”

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