Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship Luau

Last night the Red Bull Cliff Diving athletes were treated to Luau at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel.

Got Wings?

I’m sure Orlando Duque has no problem getting leid all the time (just teasing as he is happily married).

Orlando Duque gets leid

The Athletes were treated to dinner and a Polynesian review.

Getting ready to take the stage

I did find it a bit odd for them to bring in some bagpipes… but Red Bull is known to mix things up a bit.


When I went to get a drink… I asked for a Coke and Rum… but I couldn’t believe it when they actually busted out with a Red Bull and rum!  Guess I can’t bitch when it’s a free drink!

Red Bull and Rum?

More practice is today out at the falls and then tonight there will be a “Draw Party” at Da Shack (former Shooters) which will begin at 8:00 and from what I have been told, will be open to the public.

The platform at Kawainui Falls

You can click on the pictures below for a larger view as usual.

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