Institutions Serving Native Hawaiians Eligible for Medical Marijuana Research Grants


Media Release:

The U.S. Health & Human Services Department’s National Institutes of Health has six discretionary grant opportunities to support research that focuses on the development of a medication to treat disorders related to the use of cannabis. This funding opportunity uses the R01 award mechanism.

The award ceiling for this funding opportunity is $500,000.

This funding opportunity is open to state, county, city, township or special district governments; Native American tribal governments and organizations; independent school districts; public, state and private institutions of higher education; Historically Black Colleges and Universities; Tribally-Controlled Colleges and Universities; public/Indian housing authorities; nonprofits; for-profits; small businesses; Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian-serving institutions; eligible agencies of the federal government; faith-based or community-based organizations; Hispanic-serving institutions; non-domestic entities; regional organizations; U.S. territories or possessions; and individuals.

A funding opportunity notice from the U.S. Health & Human Services Department’s National Institutes of Health states: “Applications may focus on the pharmacotherapy of one or various CRDs or clinical manifestations of the disorders. For example, research may focus on marijuana dependence or specifically on marijuana withdrawal. Clinical applications may include human laboratory studies to develop models for testing medications targeting single or multiple manifestations of the CRDs, and the interaction of cannabinoids with other medications, pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacodynamic studies of potentially therapeutic compounds.

Applications may also focus on the specific symptoms of the disorder such as withdrawal, craving or relapse, complications such as cognitive impairment, sleep disorders/disruption of normal rhythms or the clinical surrogates of their use such as depression and other mood disorders. Preclinical applications may include pharmacological studies on new chemical entities (NCEs) leading to the identification of candidates for advanced preclinical or phase I/II IND covered clinical evaluation as potential pharmacotherapies for CRDs.”

The funding opportunity number is RFA-DA-10-016 (CFDA 93.279). It was posted Sept. 24 with an application closing date of April 30, 2010.

  • Purpose. The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to issue a Request for Applications (RFA) to support research studies that focus on the identification, and preclinical and clinical evaluation, of medications that can be safe and effective for the treatment of cannabis-use and -induced disorders, as well as their medical and psychiatric consequences. The studies can be preclinical or FDA-defined Phase I, Phase II or Phase III clinical trials.
  • Mechanism of Support. This FOA will utilize the R01 grant mechanism and runs in parallel with two FOAs of identical scientific scope, PA-07-365 and PA-07-366, that solicit applications under the R01 and R21 mechanisms, respectively.
  • Funds Available and Anticipated Number of Awards. It is anticipated that a total of 6 awards will be funded for a total of $3,000,000.
  • Budget and Project Period. The requested direct cost amount for individual awards must be less than $500,000 per year, with project periods for up to five years.

More Here: RFA-DA-09-001

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