Civil Defense Installs Talisman Emergency Notification System… Sounds Like Something Like Twitter

Media Release:

When wild fires, floods, earthquakes or any natural calamity affect the Big Island, people need to know quickly how to react, and the Hawaii County Civil Defense has a new way of notifying residents and visitors of emergency situations.

The Civil Defense agency has signed on with Honolulu-based Talisman LBS to send text messages to the cell phone of anyone who requests the service whenever there is emergency information to transmit.

The service is free although users will incur normal text messaging charges. However the number and type of messages received from Civil Defense can be controlled by users at any time after signing up.

Civil Defense Administrator Quince said primarily the service will be offered to vacationers who may be less likely to tune in to local radio stations for emergency information, and even less likely to be signed up for City Watch, a telephone voice message Civil Defense emergency notification system.

“We will be asking the hotels to provide their guests with information about Talisman which can help them be aware of potentially dangerous situations while they’re on the island,” Mento said.

Civil Defense now issues alerts via local radio stations and City Watch.

The Talisman system is a complementary notification system that provides added flexibility and coverage to the Civil Defense notification network. “It’s another layer of awareness,” Mento said.

The County is licensed by Talisman to use the system without charge. Anyone wishing to use the service must sign up. Visit, or simply send a text message from your phone with the words “JOIN HCCD” to 32862

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