Hunter Bishop Makes Appearance at H-130 Meeting… Blog Goes Poof!

I was surprised and happy to see former Blogger turned County Employee Hunter Bishop at tonights Highway-130 meeting.

My first thoughts were… I know he’s not here to blog… so what is he here for?  I had to ask him, and he said something to the effect that it’s now part of his job to attend things that may interest the County.  I guess the Highway 130 project was high enough on the Counties agenda for him to make an appearance, which tells me that hopefully the County will work with the State for the needs and wants of the people of  Puna and not just the State’s wishes.

Mr. Bishop also informed me that the County is working on getting a new website going in the future.

While I miss his blog, I truly think it will be a good thing for the community to have someone like Hunter in the position that he is in.

I continue to wish him the best of luck and mahalo for taking the time to come to the meeting tonight.

Now if  Governor Lingle or Mayor Kenoi ever shows up… I’ll drop dead!

*edit* I just noticed that it looks like Mr. Bishop has finally pulled his blog for good. :(

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