Big Island Home Now Being Raffled… What Happened with the Maui Home

Back in September I mentioned a Maui home that was being “Raffled” via essay writing contest.

I have the feeling something fishy is up.

Former Pahoa High graduate Erika Engle reports in today’s Star Bulletin that a Big Island home is now being offered in the same way:

A Big Island couple is going to give away a house, using an essay contest that is open worldwide, via the Internet.  All essay entries must be written in English, however…

Home Being "Raffled" on Big Island

Home Being Raffled on the Big Island

I don’t know what happened with the Maui home that was being raffled off.

Something is fishy!

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  1. Crazy! They can easily control who wins too since its a judgment call. Scam any way you look at it.

  2. Hey Damon, that’s pretty funny. I actually get accused of being me all the time too. Could you direct me to where on the BIC someone suggested you & I were the same person? I’d love to see that! Come to think of it though, there might be something to that rumor. I’ve never seen us both in the same place at the same time, so could be.
    One comment on your original blog post. You state, “A Big Island couple is going to give away a house”
    Let’s get this straight. Sheri Smith & John Williams are not “giving away” anything. They will gross $606,000 on this if it goes as they envision. and that’s hardly giving anything away.

  3. Writergirl,
    I must disagree with you when you state:
    “Both contests look OK. They are not “raffles”, they are both a “contest of skill” which appears to be legal in Hawaii, as in many other states. “; & “The owners of sound like they’ve done their due diligence ”
    I believe that schemes such as these are definitely “raffles” or “lotteries”, both of which are forms of illegal gambling here in Hawaii. Although Smith/Williams, promoters of the Big Island home “contest” would have you believe that what they’ve got going is a game of skill, I believe that it is in fact just a disguised attempt at running an illegal lottery scam. My reasons for believing this are many, & they can be read by viewing both the Big Island Weekly website:

    and author Tiffany Edwards Hunt’s own weblog:

    for additional comments I’ve posted.

    I have also posted links so folks can view the Hawaii State & federal gambling laws, so people can see for themselves what the laws are.

    Sheri Smith has not answered or addressed even one of the many of the points I have raised, and what she has said, I feel, has been either not to the point or evasive. Neither her attorney nor any other legal expert has weighed in on this with an opinion which would contradict anything I have asserted, which could provide a counterpoint to my opinion, and could indicate whether I am off base on this or right on point. My feeling is that this is an illegal gambling scam that has the potential to victimize up to 6,000 or more people. The only ones who stand to win anything are Smith/Williams, and maybe the person who wins the cottage (if it isn’t seized by the government). There may be as many as 5,999 losers, perhaps more. I’d be interested to hear any response you may have to this.

    Damon – Heywouldyouguesswhoshowsuponmyblog? Someone actually accused me of being you on the BIC. ;)

  4. Why don’t you just ask the people who ran the Maui home contest, instead of making up a story where there is none?

    Both contests look OK. They are not “raffles”, they are both a “contest of skill” which appears to be legal in Hawaii, as in many other states.

    The owners of sound like they’ve done their due diligence by talking to the authorities, who don’t seem to have shut down the contest – hey, maybe that’s because it IS legal and there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing!

    Damon – An email was fired off to the Maui couple, a long time ago. They have not responded… Nor has the house been given away yet… but still people from throughout the world are sending in there $100.00 with an essay in hopes of winning.

    It only takes 500 people to send in an essay and you’ve banked a quick $50,000 dollars (and then all the people have to keep saying is they haven’t received enough entries yet…)

    Where is the way to monitor the amount of entries? Trust the people actually selling the place?

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