A Drive Home Tonight… Where is the Lighting on H-130

I drove home tonight along H-130 during the evening time for the first time in a while.  I’ve been thinking about H-130 for awhile and what we can do to make it safer.

H-130 Needs more lighting.

I emailed Andrew Cooper the other day and he gave me reasonings for the street lights on this island  here and here.

While I take his scientific knowledge as a great learning tool… as the layman that I am… I just can’t take this as a reason to why we should continue risking lives here on the island.

I understand the bulbs could be different… I understand it’s a touchy subject to the scientific community…

But when the Scientific Community starts losing family members on Big Island roads due to poor lighting… maybe they will listen?

I’m not saying we need bright lights all over the place… but on a main Highway such as H-130 something needs to be done to improve the lighting…. immediately.

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  1. If you are genuinely trying to convince somebody, you need to show that lighting is inadequate. For example, you need to get a light meter reading and compare it with NTSB guidelines for safe highway lighting. Or, presumably there is some state agency you can ask for the numbers.

    It would then be very straightforward to show if (a) the lighting is inadequate (b) whether the problem can be improved while still using Dark Sky friendly technology.

    Personally, I don’t think the lighting on 130 is inadequate – I think it is the road markings are very poor. You can see on the newer sections of the Saddle Road that high visibility paint and catseyes produce easy driving conditions even in the complete absence of ambient lighting. The problem with 130 is that road markings seem to disappear in the low light and in the rain.

    Damon – Thanks for the input

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