Those Effing Sirens

The civil defense sirens startle  me every time!  I know we need them… but my feeling is that when we really do need them… Everyone is just gonna say there they go again..

Remember the Fable of the “Little boy who called wolf”…. Well it did have a lesson to be learned.

Effing sirens… they startle me everytime…  I remember when I first moved here… I literally thought we were having another Pearl Harbor incident…until someone told me they go off like that once a month.

Effing sirens!

One Response

  1. If anyone wants to invade us, they just have to do it on the first of the month at 11:45 and we’ll all ignore the sirens!

    Damon – You know the first time I heard them… I thought Hawaii WAS getting BOMBED again like Pearl Harbor, as at the time… I was all alone and hadn’t heard them before. It was actually quite terrifying. Now I laugh about that incident.

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